What’s in Store for Elon Musk in 2021

What’s in Store for Elon Musk in 2021

If you’re into the personality business, there’s no doubt that Elon Musk is a true ‘must-follow’.

Musk has become one of the most important men in the technology Universe since the dawn of time.

As a leader in technology, Musk built an empire all across the globe and is now one of the richest men alive. His growth in the business world was a true challenge. Born in South Africa, he went to Canada by the age of 17 and graduated from Pennsylvania University, with a degree in physics and economics, in 1997. He thought to continue his studies a year later in California’s Stanford University but he left two months later, with the premise that the Internet can change the world 1 Not Physics.

Since then, he has built an empire around Technology and the digital universe, with serious impacts on nowaday’s society. Always interested in environmental subjects, Musk founded Tesla, one of the first electric sustainable cars ever made in the market.

But since ‘the sky’s the limit’, he redirected his funds to Space companies, and one of his main philosophies was believing that humanity, in order to survive, needs to become a multi-planet species. In 2002 he founded SpaceX, one of the world’s leaders in Space science and physics.

We can sit here and talk about how Elon Musk is changing the world as we know, and his achievements. He revolutionized science programs and with that, the history of humanity. As his empire grows by the minute, these two companies are now facing challenging times adapting the world’s view on technology. Let’s see what to expect for 2021.

Tesla’s ‘Roadster’

In 2006, Musk introduced to the world the first electric car, capable of traveling 245 miles on just one electric charge – ‘Roadster’. A sport’s model with enough efficiency to become one of the most environmentally sustainable, and fast cars since electric vehicles came to the market.

As the years go by ‘Roadster’ has evolved and it’s now one of the world’s expectations to see its function – good news, the wait is over.

The development of the second generation of ‘Roadster’ will start in 2022, according to the company’s CEO, but they predicted that the first model will be introduced to the world this year, in Nürburgring, Germany, in one of the most challenging and desired roads in the world – ‘The Green Hell’.

This beast is capable of going from 0 to 100 miles an hour, in just 2 seconds, and fuel-free! Musk also promised that his capacity can now achieve 1000 miles and go for more than 400 miles per hour, with just one charge.

‘Space Tourism’ – A SpaceX Achievement

The mission is expected to be launched at the end of 2021. Elon Musk doesn’t deny it… one of his ambitions is to turn SpaceX into the first company exploring the Space Tourism Industry. Pioneer into the space-traveling business, Musk intends to launch ‘The Crew Dragon’ capsule, with a four-person team led by Jared Isaacman, founder and billionaire of Shifty4 Payments, which will fund the expedition.

Space traveling tourism is not news to everybody. They were all led by astronauts and serious space expeditions specialists, the thing is… SpaceX wants to be the first company to launch a space expedition with a crew of common civilians! Without physics or space knowledge!

According to ‘Agence France-Presse’ a contest just opened on inspiration4.com, to choose the winners of this major experience. The contest establishes into two categories. One, that reflects the generosity of the candidates, donations for the ‘Saint Judas Association’, that struggles every day to prevent childhood diseases in poor countries.

The other one, that awards the best north American entrepreneurs stories. Of course, none of this is possible if the candidate doesn’t possess a wealthy bank account, since this travel will cost millions of dollars. Also, it’s required that the candidate needs to be physically capable to endure the trip and low temperatures.

The winners will be announced later this year and the mission is predicted to be launched at the end of 2021. The main purpose it’s to be able to endure a four-day journey, circling planet earth.

‘Elon Musk… Not Even the Sky is the Limit’

This is not the first mission of the ‘Dragon-Crew’ capsule. The first happened later last year, between May and August when SpaceX launch two astronauts to the International Space Station. Now, the challenge will be more difficult, since Musk wants to try that experience with common civilians.

I believe he never stopped dreaming since he was a little kid. He’s a visionary that doesn’t give up on his achievements and is looking forward to the future sustainability of the planet earth.

With a lot of effort, he has now conquered Earth’s technology and he’s thinking further… taking his life goals into Space. Who knows what will come next!

The world is watching.

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