Creativity and Technology A World of Possibilities

Creativity and Technology: A World of Possibilities

Despite technology being a fundamental part of our daily routines that allow us to achieve the most diverse objectives, it is often the target of criticism regarding the consequences that it originates in terms of general development. Numerous articles focus precisely on this theme and demonstrate the pros and cons of using technology, at various levels. However, when used responsibly, it is an asset for the stimulation of the most diverse capacities. In this article, we will focus our attention on creativity!

Being creative and stimulating this ability since early childhood, allows you to respond to the most diverse personal and professional challenges with greater ease, bringing with it unparalleled benefits, such as the ability to adapt. Especially at a time when staying at home is essential, and the use of technology to spend time, work from home, and contact with the outside becomes even more essential, it is important to understand how we can enhance our creativity while having fun with technologies!

Social Media: Use Them Wisely

As mentioned earlier, the key to benefiting from the daily use of technology is its responsible and thoughtful use. Social networks are a huge part of our reality, and although there are some problems associated with their use, we can look at them as a platform to enhance our creativity!

For example, get inspired by other users’ posts and take the opportunity to photograph different scenarios, and let your imagination run wild with the magic of the camera and editing! Why just take selfies when we have a whole world to explore from a variety of angles? Challenge yourself and find new hobbies!

Speaking of hobbies, on social media, there are pages of all kinds of artists and people teaching all kinds of skills. Enter new adventures: from writing to sewing, from reflection to drawing, from physical exercise to cooking, information is available and easily accessible! Enjoy and share your knowledge with others … We grew and learned through this enriching interaction with the community.

Video Gaming and Its Advantages

Although it is also a controversial topic, the truth is that not everything is a negative consequence when it comes to video games. Scientific investigations focused on this area and have been demonstrating that, in the right measure, video games not only relieve stress but also allow us to develop the ability to solve problems and stimulate our brains. This need to solve problems to overcome levels gives rise to creative solutions that we later take into our daily lives.

Besides, all the graphic design involved in the games, from the colors, sounds, and stories created can enhance the player’s inspiration and imagination. When played in a group, even at a distance, it can still benefit the social skills of the players, as it will have to establish contact with others, sometimes even internationally, making it possible to hear other languages and cultures.

Movies, Music, and Ebooks: Sources of Inspiration

The benefits of music have long been known. We are social beings who develop through music and use it in many different ways. It is something deeply social and special for the human being, so the existence of so many platforms and devices that allow us to listen to music, produce it, and share it, becomes a huge advantage for our creativity.

Likewise, the sharing of films and books, and the power of choice that we have within our reach, allows us to direct our attention to specific themes and works, thus enhancing inspiration, imagination, and creativity. But beware: watch out for binge-watching! Leave time to expose your creativity in other ways and use your inspiration on several fronts.


If technology is already so close to our routines, we will make the most of it. The next time you watch a movie, use your smartphone, or play a game, reflect: how can I be more creative? How did this activity inspire me? You may be surprised at the answers!

Above all, have fun exploring your electronic devices and all the platforms to which you have access! Have you ever thought about using your cell phone notepad to write a diary of dreams or spontaneous ideas? Have you ever used an app that allows you to draw freely in your free time? Have you tried editing images with all available filters? The possibilities are endless in a world as immense as that of technology!

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