How to Use the New Social Media ClubHouse
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How to Use the New Social Media ClubHouse

Social networks come and go, change as the seasons, every hour there is a new update on a social media that we already know, or a new one is created. A new social network was launched some time ago where you need to be invited to join it, and this is not a revival of Orkut, but the new app, Clubhouse.

After the owner of one of the largest automotive companies, Elon Musk said that he was present at the Clubhouse, the app started to have numerous download spikes. Finding out how this new application works, and how to receive an invitation to use it, is not as difficult as it looks.

What Would the Clubhouse Be?

Launched in April 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, the app was developed by a former Google employee, Rohan Seth, and a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Paul Davison, and the first people to use the social network were just professionals and people of the technology industry, including Silicon Valley. However, the app only took shape with greater use of the population in the year 2021.

The Clubhouse is a network that only uses your voice to talk to other people, and as previously mentioned, an invitation is required to access the app. However, care must be taken with whom you refer to enter, since from the moment that’s the person you refer to enter, you become responsible for everything they do. That is, if the person ends up violating the terms of use, both he and you, for having indicated it, end up being banned.

This app works in the style of chat rooms, but thematically addressing subjects such as series, music, economics, gossip, and being filtered according to the user’s preferences. In the app, you can have private rooms, where you interact with your friends only, or even open rooms in which you hear what is being spoken live. You can even interact with celebrities like Oprah, Drake, and Ashton Kutcher.

How Does This New Social Network Work?

One of the things that end up making the experience at the Clubhouse more interesting is that it is not possible to record or save the conversations that are made. The bad thing is that due to the lack of stored content, the app has served for some people to practice hate speech, racism, harassment, among others.

When you access the app for the first time you already choose the domain you want to be known about, so your preferences are leveraged, thus personalizing your experience. The social network has a timeline with the chats that are currently happening, and even see future chats.

The user can interact in two different ways, as a listener or speaker, when accessing a room as a listener. For those who are interested in speaking, it is necessary to ask the moderator for authorization by pressing the “Raise Your Hand” button. In addition, the Clubhouse also has a function similar to the late social network, Orkut, which would be the “Clubs”. Clubs are communities that bring together people with common interests, however, it is limited since each user can only create one club.

For now, unfortunately, the app is still in its testing phase and is available only to those who are users of IOS and IPadOS, with more than 600 thousand active users. And if you want to join but don’t have an invitation, just download the app, create a domain with your name and you will enter a waiting list.

How to Create a Clubhouse Account?

The first step is to download the app, and when you open it click on “Get your username” to start the registration. After that, the app asks you to enter your cell phone number, then click on “Next”, enter the code you received by SMS at the location indicated.

Enter your name and surname, click on “Next” and enter the username you want to use in the application, and click “Next” again, finalizing your registration. Now just wait for the Clubhouse to accept your request, or a friend of yours who is already using the app.

Now Just Listen and Have Fun!

Although this is still new to the market, the app is already giving something to talk about, making more users want to purchase a place to access this social network. A podcast without having its audios saved, the already famous Clubhouse is making its competitors want to implement the style of the new application on their social networks.

Create your room, chat with the whole world, even famous people! Remember to be tolerant and respectful – not everyone has the same opinion as you, and above all, have a lot of fun, and enjoy the Clubhouse!

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