How to Choose the Best Smartphone in 2021
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How to Choose the Best Smartphone in 2021

Technology as we know it comes in constant and incomparable evolution, and cell phones are a great proof of these changes. We went from a first-generation not so portable, for smartphones with face id mechanisms and.

Choosing a cell phone today with technology evolving practically every 5 seconds is a challenge, but nothing that can’t be extremely calculated and researched so that the right choice is always made. With the variety of models and their multiple characteristics and prices, it is a little tricky to decide, but know that after reading the guide we have prepared, the choice will become much easier!

The Operating System

Being the most important element of its components, it is the language of the cell phone, and it is what allows all the programs to work the way they should.

Do you know how they work and their differences? So, let’s see what are the main operating systems on the market and their pros and cons.

IOS, Apple

Used on IPhones and IPads, it is the second most used operating system on the market. One of its pros is that it develops both the hardware and the software of your cell phone, and it also stands out for its intuitive interface, offering a beautiful design and simplicity, and hardly has any error. Not to mention its large ecosystem of applications, accessories, and compatibility between IOS devices.

However, its customization is null, it does not have support for Flash, and many applications that on other operating systems are free, on IOS it is paid. Not to mention that integration with devices other than IOS is considered terrible.,

Android, Google

Approximately 90% of the market uses cell phones with the Android operating system, brands like Samsung, Motorola, and LG are part of its ecosystem. One of its pros is that anyone can use programs on cell phones that have this system, being considered the most personalized, and have a wide variety of free applications.

The cover design will change from device to device, and of course, by brand, and it is also the cheapest system on the market. However, open-source on Android makes it easier for you to find a virus, and updates take longer to become available.

Windows Phone, Microsoft

It stands out for its ease of applications and because it has few errors in the system when compared to Android, and has a good interface with Microsoft services already present, such as Office, Outlook, Word, etc. They also have the best quality-price ratio on the market. But compared to its competitors, it has a smaller variety of applications, with some missing, such as Snapchat and Gmail.

The Processor

In terms of performance, this is where we should keep an eye on. It is essential to pay attention to the number of cores that your phone contains (such as dual-core, quad-core, and octa-core), in theory, it is said that the more processors, the faster. However, for those who will use the phone in a more basic way, a dual-core is enough, but if you want to fill up with games, a quad-core fits better.

Not to mention that we should pay attention to GHz (Gigahertz), they are also a measure of performance, and even if your processor is fast, other characteristics influence it. The usual is a speed of around 1.2 GHz, and for a medium-high, it has to be greater than 2 GHz.


No processor is left alone, everyone needs their RAM memory, which is nothing more than the space of your cell phone. That is, if it has a good space, it has fewer flaws and will be more operative. Less than 512MB (megabyte) is insufficient for most consumers to use. The best ones have 6GB or more of RAM. For brands like Apple and Windows 1GB would be enough as they can work well with less RAM, for Android less than 2GB is not acceptable.


If you want your phone to take longer to recharge, then see if the mAh is large. – the bigger the better. A battery has an average of 2,000 mAh, while a battery considered to be long-lived revolves around 3,000 mAh. Not to mention that the material that the battery is made of also influences. Those made with lithium have higher scores and end up surpassing those that are nickel.

Choose The Model That Will Attend to All Your Needs

Take into account the maximum amount you want to spend, for what purpose you want the cell phone, and what are your basic needs when using it. And above all, remember to have fun when researching the models, and choose what is best for you, no matter what others say.

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